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Thanks to the attendees, sponsors and organizers for making the Bioinformatics Workshop for Helminth Genomics (2015) a big success!

Comparative genomics

NemaPath KEGG Associations:
Search metabolic pathways as defined by the Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) for nematode enzymatic activity. Search the metabolome of a single organism, view comparisons of 2 organisms, or view enzymatic mappings across whole clades.
Nematode Specific InDels:
Explore a study examining nematode specific indels found using transcritomic data from 20 nematode and 15 non-nematode species. This resource hosts information on indels unique to nematode proteins across more than 1000 protein families.
Nematode Tissue Transcriptomes:
Explore tissue-specific collections of genes. This analysis repository hosts a number of projects with the goal of obtaining fundamental information about the biology of diverse cell types and potential interactions among tissues within nematodes.
Nematode Protein Families:
Explore our NemFam (Nematode-derived protein Families) collection of nematode related, conserved regions of proteins that were not (when originally built) represented in Pfam. v4.0           Copyright Statement
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