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Species Ascaris suum

Picture Credit: (original image no longer available)
Image: Ascaris suum in small intestine of pig.

Common Name: Large roundworm of pigs
Clade: Clade III
Disease: A common disease of swine similar to Ascariasis in humans. Ascaris is an extensively studied nematode due to its large size and easy availability.
Libraries: Library links
Available cDNAs:
Sanger ESTs:   19280 reads   5137 contigs   nucleotide link   protein link
Sequencing: The Washington University Nematode EST Project, The Genome Institute, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO and Edinburgh University (Blaxter Lab) with the Sanger Centre, Hinxton, UK.
External Collaborators: Al Scott, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Tim Geary, Pharmacia Corporation, Kalamazoo, MI
Dante Zarlenga, USDA, Beltsville, MD
Richard E. Davis, City University of New York. NY
Project Contact: Makedonka Mitreva
NemaGene information: NemaGene gene count :15,260
NemaBLAST database: BLAST vs. reads grouped by library
BLAST vs. transcript contigs & genes
Codon usage table: Codon Usage table
NemFam database: NemFam search
GO Associations: GO Associations
Tissue expression active modules: Tissue expression active modules
Gene Expression data: Microarray data
RNAseq data
WormBase genome: Ascaris suum at WormBase
WormBase Parasite: Ascaris suum PRJNA62057 species page at WormBase ParaSite
Ascaris suum PRJNA80881 species page at WormBase ParaSite
Nembase4 species page: Ascaris suum species page at Nembase4
Sanger Institute genome resource: Ascaris suum genome resources at the Sanger Institute v4.0(AWS)    Copyright Statement
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