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A Postdoctoral Research Associate position is avaiable in the Mitreva Lab! Follow the link for details!

Bioinformatics Workshop for Helminth Genomics (2015) class materials now freely available!

NTDs get some well deserved coverage outside the usual channels: Financial Times Special Report: Neglected Tropical Diseases

Helminth Control & Prevention

HelmCoP Home:
This is the entry portal to our HelmCoP drug discovery tool.
Search by gene:
Search our gene database by using a number of possible keywords. Search by gene name if known, or enter an EC number, KO id, or ontology term to be given a list of all genes in our database associated with that feature.
Search by ortholog:
Search our gene database by using a number of possible keywords to define lists of orthologs with at least 1 member meeting those constraints. All gene members of the defined orthologs that meet constraints will be listed.
Search your nucleotide or protein sequences against the HelmCoP organisms protein databases. WU-BLASTN or WU-BLASTX alignments will be reported to you via email.
HelmCoP FAQ:
Frequently Asked Questions for the HelmCoP drug discovery tool.
Kinases as drug targets project information.
Metabolic chokepoints as drug targets project information.
Lysine Deacetylases:
Lysine Deacetylases as drug targets project information.
Protein-protein interactions:
Project information page for a study targeting protein-protein interactions for parasite control. v4.0           Copyright Statement
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