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Announcing the Bioinformatics Workshop for Helminth Genomics! Tenatively scheduled for late September of this year, click the link to find out more!

The paper expansions to and an introduction to is now available online!

[Sept.19.2014] has grown again, click here to learn more!

[Sept.15.2014] is now part of the collection of sites, click here to learn more!


Search nematode data using WU-BLAST 2.0. Search versus reads grouped by library or versus EST contigs & genes.
NemaGene Search:
Search NemaGene genes & transcripts.
NemaGene Gene Tables:
Explore available data for final genesets in table form.
Codon usage tables:
Explore codon usage tables for NemaGene organisms.
Explore nematode genomes annotated with gene predictions displayed via the GBrowse interface.
Cluster Data FTP:
FTP access to nematode cluster data.
NemaControl FAQ:
Description of the NemaControl/NemaGene database v4.0           Copyright Statement
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