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Species Necator americanus

Photo Credit:
Image: Necator americanus from Peter Durbin

Common Name: Human Hookworm
Clade: Clade V
Disease: Hookworms attach to capillary beds in the small intestine of a host where they suck blood resulting in anemia. Hookworms (A. duodenale & N. americanus) are a major cause of chronic anemia and growth stunting in children worldwide, particularly in the tropics. An estimated 1.28 billion people are infected.
Human parasite.
Available cDNAs:
454 cDNAs:   507397 reads   9693 isotigs  nucleotide link  protein link
Sequencing: Edinburgh University, Blaxter Laboratory and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
External Collaborators: Please contact Makedonka Mitreva to establish a collaboration.
Project Contact: Makedonka Mitreva
Citations: Necator americanus abstract
NemaGene information: NemaGene gene count :19,153 (RNAseq expression data available)
Codon usage table: Codon Usage table
Nemabrowser gene annotations: NemaBrowse
KEGG Associations: NemaPath
Gene Expression data: RNAseq data
Assembly data availability: cDNA assembly available
NCBI BioProject id: PRJNA72135
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