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Thanks to the attendees, sponsors and organizers for making the Bioinformatics Workshop for Helminth Genomics (2015) a big success!

Microbiome interaction

20 Metagenome Analysis:
An unpublished study from Bruce Rosa, John Martin and Makedonka Mitreva describing shifts in microbiome composition in response to helminth infections using WGS based methods for assessing community composition.
Helminth Microbiome Diversity:
A project page discussing the work of Soo Ching Lee et al.,2014 investigating the association between helminth colonization and increased diversity of the gut microbiome.
Hookworm Microbiome Diversity:
A project page hosting the work of Cinzia Cantacessi et al.,2014, looking into the impact of hookworm infection on the human gut microbiome.
Whipworm Microbiome:
A project page looking at a study from Philip Cooper & Alan W. Walker et al.,2013 putting forward that patent human infections of Trichuris trichiura are not associated with alterations in faecal microbiota. v4.0           Copyright Statement
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