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Adult stage Cooperia oncophora excretome/secretome

A total of 25 spots resulting from a 2-D electrophoretic separation of C. oncophora adult ES products and three fractions (high, medium and low molecular weight classes) from a 1-D separation of ES products were subjected to MALDI-TOF-MS. A total of 12 unique proteins were identified. A further glycan-focused analysis facilitated identification of N-glycan moieties associated with the high, medium and low molecular weight fractions.


In-Depth Proteomic and Glycomic Analysis of the Adult-Stage Cooperia oncophora Excretome/Secretome.
Borloo, J. et al. J Proteome Res 12, 3900-3911, doi:10.1021/pr400114y (2013)

Supplemental Data:

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