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KEGGv46 Data Files
The following text files contain annotations fof the EST assemblies against the KEGGv46 database. Only the top hits to each contig is included in the file.

Species #Contigs History
Ancylostoma caninum 5484 KEGGv46 report
Ancylostoma ceylanicum 4953 KEGGv46 report
Brugia malayi 1609 KEGGv46 report
Dirofilaria immitis 2534 KEGGv46 report
Ditylenchus africanus 5214 KEGGv46 report
Globodera pallida 3406 KEGGv46 report
Globodera rostochiensis 6448 KEGGv46 report
Haemonchus contortus 9842 KEGGv46 report
Heterodera glycines 12313 KEGGv46 report
Heterodera schachtii 1600 KEGGv46 report
Meloidogyne arenaria 3372 KEGGv46 report
Meloidogyne chitwoodi 5880 KEGGv46 report
Meloidogyne hapla 11193 KEGGv46 report
Meloidogyne incognita 9107 KEGGv46 report
Meloidogyne javanica 5172 KEGGv46 report
Meloidogyne paranaensis 2263 KEGGv46 report
Nippostrongylus brasiliensis 4532 KEGGv46 report
Onchocerca flexuosa 1665 KEGGv46 report
Ostertagia ostertagi 4659 KEGGv46 report
Parastrongyloides trichosuri 4932 KEGGv46 report
Pratylenchus penetrans 488 KEGGv46 report
Pristionchus pacificus 2654 KEGGv46 report
Radopholus similis 4004 KEGGv46 report
Steinernema carpocapsae 1592 KEGGv46 report
Strongyloides ratti 5237 KEGGv46 report
Strongyloides stercoralis 3479 KEGGv46 report
Toxocara canis 2135 KEGGv46 report
Trichinella spiralis 5958 KEGGv46 report
Trichuris muris 3735 KEGGv46 report
Trichuris vulpis 1690 KEGGv46 report
Xiphinema index 5485 KEGGv46 report
Zeldia punctata 202 KEGGv46 report
Older Clustering Data Files
There are three types of files provided. Files with the name SUMMARY in the title have the contig consensus sequences. Files with cluster_groups in their title contain the cluster that each contig belongs to. Files with the name HISTORY in the title have the EST membership of each contig.
Species History Consensus fasta sequences Cluster group Protein translations
Globodera rostochiensis CLUSTER_HISTORY CLUSTER_SUMMARY.020710 Cluster_groups Translations
Nippostrongylus brasiliensis CLUSTER_HISTORY CLUSTER_SUMMARY.060608 Cluster_groups Translations
Radopholus similis CLUSTER_HISTORY CLUSTER_SUMMARY.051214 Cluster_groups Translations
Retired Codon Usage tables
This archive holds codon usage tables that have since been replaced by calculations based on more recent transcript assemblies
Species Consensus source Codon Usage Table
Ancylostoma caninum
Sanger PCAP assembly
Dictyocaulus viviparus
Sanger PCAP assembly v4.0           Copyright Statement
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