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NemaGene Gene Tables - A resource for exploring final genesets

The NemaGene Gene Tables are collections of various annotations made for final genesets. Available annotation can vary, but in general the tables will provide clustering information, KO, IPR & GO annotations and often much more. The table below allows you to select the species whose geneset you'd like to explore. The genes within the tables are links to the gene entries in NemaGene proper, and the groups (when available) are links to fasta sequence data for all group members.

How do I use this resource:

The information presented within these tables is often more extensive than what is available in the standard NemaGene entry. Researchers with interest in specific genes will find these tables most valuable. The tables also allow sorting on the various columns, allowing for convenient grouping and sorting of available data.

Available Gene Tables:
(last updated 10-20-14)
Species Annotation source Geneset source Gene table
Brugia malayi WS238 Brugia malayi gene table
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